OMG sort the LISTS!


This looks like an AMAZING idea but WOW (no pun intended) it has a LOT of issues. But there is one suggestion that needs to be done almost SOON, before you ever get to version 1.0, and that is SORT THE LIST alphabetically. OMG it's ridiculous the way it is.. The drop down to sort by cloth, leather, mail etc doesn't work. It's a hideous job to search through the disorganized lists...
And for heaven sake make a HELP FILE. If it wasn't so user unfriendly now I would do that for you.
I love the idea, but way to many unanswered questions and issues... Like on my graphics card I never see a model, I see strange polygons.... I can export the base mode to blender but no animations...
Nvidia is soon coming out with the GODS of machinima program, that will do it ALL, so try to iron out these things soon.
Thanks Ayla






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Windows 10

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64 bits