CLONE - animated textures broken


Creature/Pandarenserpentgod : the whiskers around its head (which are set as a hairstyle, in case that matters) should be animated and wave up and down. Currently they don't move, but they used to.

It still worked in WoW 6.2.4 (so, pre-Legion) and WMV 0.8.0. I've attached a tiny phone video of it working. Unfortunately animated gif export doesn't show the animation.

If I copy that older model to the custom folder and load it using the latest WMV it's still broken, so it seems to be a change in WMV not WoW.

Unfortunately I can't load the latest WoW in older versions of WMV to find when it broke, but it must be some time during Legion. I'll try to get an older copy of WoW (7.0 or so) that I can test with an earlier Legion version of WMV so maybe I can pinpoint the break point.


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