Add Option To Export Full M2 (Rigged FBX Export)


We would like to be able to export the full M2 with all of it's original submeshes in a rigged FBX Export. For example, WMV lets you select which hairstyle and only that mesh is exported from the M2 into the FBX. We would like ALL the hairstyles included in the export.

Because we are using 3D software such as Blender, Maya, etc we can import a single FBX and use that to create variants of the model, turning off submeshes as needed.

This would drastically reduce the amount of FBX files needed for our projects. Instead of exporting 1 FBX per character, we now could export 1 FBX per character type, the "HumanFemale.m2" model would translate directly into a FBX file and we can turn off the excess submeshes in our 3D Software.

Discussion from Support_Hub_Eng:

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