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You will find in this page all new features introduced in software.

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Import any NPC from URL (new in v0.7.0.6)

This feature uses wowhead page from any NPC to collect required datas to display it in WowModelViewer, see this example below :

I wan to display "Skeer the bloodseeker", here is the result in WowModelViewer :

Unfortunatelly, there is no answser. Let's click on "Import from URL", you will see this dialog:

You just need a wowhead URL to fill it, so let's go on your browser, and search for your wanted NPC (skeer the bloodseeker in our case) :

Copy paste URL in previous dialog (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=71152 for this NPC), then click import, you will see this :

You now just have to click "Display", and that's it, Skeer the Bloodseeker is displayed on your viewer (smile)

Any already searched NPC will also stay available in NPC search list until you close your Viewer ;